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Film frames from A Clockwork Orange: The Stanley Kubrick Archive

This was a delicate conservation project, which involved removing cut film frames from the original rushes of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange (1971). The housing was unsuitable for permanent preservation, therefore the main aim of the project was to move them to conservation quality packaging. Pressure sensitive tape had been adhered to each film frame to keep it secure in the original housing, which needed to be removed in order to transfer the frames. The tape left a sticky residue on the frames, which was removed before it was rehoused. Previously, the number of each film frame was written on paper with black marker, which had transferred onto the original housing. When the film frames were moved into their new housing, the numbers were written on cotton rag paper in pencil and placed next to the film frames. After completing the rehousing of the entire film, the new plastic wallets were placed into archival boxes and labelled.

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